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Gokul K
Engineering Manager @fylehq
Aiyush Dhar
Engineering Manager @ Fyle Creator of Diydashboard, OneX and bunch of other apps - follow along for tweets about building awesome software.
Sanskar Sharma
Engineer @ Fyle
I am a Member of the Technical Staff at Fyle. I like to automate day-to-day stuff with code. I also love to watch thrillers/mystery series.
Hariharan V
Product Designer
Madhav Mansuriya
Learn > build > plot > share
Chief Gardner at Fyle
Swapna Nayak
Product Design | Awestruck by the idea of Consciousness, Mind, and Body.
Vikas Prasad
I make and break things at Fyle.
Roshan Mhatre
Pradyumna Dinni
A cinephile who loves exploring places. Also, a Product Manager.
Pratima Rao
Jack of all | Love to watch documentaries