Fyle’s Industry-first E-mail Plugin for Tracking Business Expenses

At Fyle, we are on a mission to make you spend as little time on tracking your business expenses as possible. While this is an age-old problem (see Buzz Aldrin’s expense report after coming back from the moon here), we have a new take on it that will make life easy for business professionals.

One of the big changes in the last few years has been that a lot of businesses have moved online and send you an email receipt. Whether you book a cab using Uber or Olacabs, train tickets using IRCTC, flight or hotel using Ibibo/Makemytrip/Cleartrip, you get a receipt in your inbox. More recently, you even get an email receipt from food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato. We figured — why not make it ridiculously simple to fyle an expense right from your email with a single click?

We’re proud to present Fyle’s email plugin for Gmail and Outlook (web and client). The plugin uses fancy-pants AI algorithms under the covers to extract the merchant name, category, amount and other information so you don’t have to type anything. Here’s a little animation showing how it works — it is as easy as liking a Facebook post:

Single-click Fyling of Expenses

This plugin can be used by users who book their own travel or can be used by travel agents or admins who book travel for others and they can reassign the expense to track them properly.

Our Gmail plugin has been out for a couple of months and we’ve got some really good feedback from customers. You can signup at http://www.fyle.in and get access to the plugin and give it a spin! Our Outlook add-in is currently in beta — send us a note at hello@fyle.in if you want early access!

Siva Narayanan

I am known to be "the CTO of one, the father of two, and the roasting baba of many."

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