Hitchhiker’s guide to Content Marketing at Fyle

In his book “How to be a writer?” Ruskin Bond says, “Writing is a lonely profession.” 

True, not much has changed in the field. Content writers write away to glory in their cozy little corners. We were doing the same until Siddharth, our Marketing Manager joined and changed how we approached Marketing completely. What followed was equal parts scary and exciting.

An editor and two writers dragged themselves out of their cozy corners. They were faced with intimidating SEO and website analytics tools. They needed to talk numbers, no matter how immense their love for writing.

A year has passed since then. I know that sounds rough but honestly, we just had to get through the initial resistance. That point forth, it has been a fun ride with some pretty cool results! 

What do we do at Fyle?

Fyle is a B2B expense management SaaS that helps businesses truly automate expense management. Harman, our Product Manager, writes about the target audience we cater to:

  1. Regular employees, who want nothing more than to stop having to think about expenses, and
  2. CFOs and Finance admins who have deep insight into specific domain knowledge and very high expectations from an expense management software. 

Fyle's product team (which is also hiring!) needs to empathize with both the consumers and businesses. They also need to do so with ease and share their learnings with the wider org.

Our Product and Engineering teams work on building Fyle to be the ultimate solution for all things expenses. Marketing ensures everything Fyle is and does, is communicated effectively, and is easily discoverable by our target audience.

As a company, we’re all obsessed with the same thing. Solving expense management once and for all.

And it reflects in everything that different teams at Fyle do. With a deep understanding of the evolving problem of expense management, the market, and the audience, all teams work in tandem towards achieving that singular goal. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look into Content Marketing at Fyle. 

A day in the life of a Content Marketer at Fyle

Every day, we create content, handle website SEO, build backlinks, collaborate with other teams for different projects, and do a lot of outreach. 

The operational stuff that matters to us the most:

  • Understanding the whys and whats of the project
  • Research, research, and research
  • Respecting estimated project timelines
  • Experimenting, benchmarking, and diligent tracking
  • WoW improvement across different metrics

The non-operational stuff that matters to us the most:

  • A serious lot of initiative
  • A roadmap for professional success
  • Consistent exchange of new learnings and ideas
  • Frequent and honest conversations/feedback
  • Achieving project goals while also having fun
  • Feeling rewarded and recognized 

However, as in any fast-growing SaaS company, we often wear multiple hats. Everything to do with Organic Traffic is our business, and then more. We take courses as a team, build detailed research, strategize, execute and experiment with a highly goal-oriented approach. If that’s a team you think you’d like, this role might be perfect for you. 

The role

We’re currently looking to hire people to help us with our SEO and Content Creation efforts. You’re a perfect fit for us if you are:

  • Incredible with communication and writing: We are looking for interns (irrespective of educational qualifications) who love to interact, ideate, and translate those conversations into snackable content.
  • Can convert even the most boring of topics into interesting reads: If you have a structured and logical approach to writing compelling content, then this is the place for you. 
  • Opinionated, minus the ego: Brain-storming sessions are all about ideas. We want interns who’d put across their ideas and follow through with minimal resistance.
  • Serious about deadlines: We love interns with a strong sense of responsibility, credibility, and ownership towards the tasks at hand.
  • Street-smart with a get-the-work-done approach: Smart work, not just hard work. We are always working on multiple projects and continuously optimizing each project to a point where it’s on autopilot.
  • Like to network and can write engaging emails: Outreach will be a significant part of your work! It is essential that you can write emails that encourage higher conversions. 

Our ideal candidate will have some amount of experience in writing and outreach/networking. But, if you're a fresher who sees this as an exciting opportunity to explore Content Marketing, then look no further.

PS: We take our interns very seriously! If you seem like a perfect fit for us, you can also convert into a full-time employee at Fyle.

PPS: 2 out of 3 full-timers in the Content Marketing Team were first hired as interns.

If this sounds like you, please apply here.

If you want to understand the culture at Fyle, you might like 86 Mentors of Fyle. In this article, Jatin, who recently converted to a full-time employee, shares his experience so far. 

Manaswini Rao Kaki

Marketing Associate at Fyle. I brew great coffee and make bad puns. Other times, I make decisions like naming my cat μton.

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Hitchhiker’s guide to Content Marketing at Fyle

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